Friday, June 27, 2008

Welcome Summer Scholars

Welcome to Lexington and welcome to the world of environmental economics - no its not an oxymoron. We will start Monday morning with some introductions and background material and then jump right into ENV-ECON 101.

I am looking forward to meeting each of you and working together during the month of July.



Mikelle said...

Hey Mr. Casey, I thought I would definately end up being bored in a class about "Environmental Policy" but you sparked my intrest. I guess I'll get a jump on the reading assignment though.

Elizabeth Griswold said...

Mr. Casey,

Thanks so much for an awesome class today. It was very nice to meet you and your family. I look forward to being in your class for the next month. Oh and I was wondering what the assignment for tonight is. Have a great evening!

-Elizabeth Griswold