Monday, June 30, 2008

The Candidates on Energy

If we have time tomorrow we can talk about this article from today's CSMonitor.

Post comments and let me know what you think of these ideas.



Markese said...
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Markese said...

Sorry about that deleted comment but I typed it wrong, but if you're interested in politics, this is from a blog by John Harwood:

Katy Zazzera said...

I think both of them have good ideas but I feel like they are exaggerating the extent to which they will pursue this in their term as President to win voters so they can hold that office. Someone in class (I think it was Lindsay) mentioned that ethanol won't work whatsoever. If we use ethanol as an alternative fuel I read there would be a global corn shortage and it would effect people who don't even drive cars. The price of popcorn at the movies would double if not triple. I find it interesting that Senator Obama would support it.

Markese said...

I'm going to have to say that I really do not like McCain's plan. If I have my information correct, a tax holiday is in no way shape or form going to help the American people. If I was the owner of a gas station, and the government took the tax off of the gas, I wouldn't lower my prices. I would leave them the same, and collect a higher revenue, unless of course the gas stations around me lowered. On top of that when the tax was reapplied, more than likely, I'd just add that on, so the consumer actually suffers. Even if it doesn't happen that way, what do you really save? $30 over the course of a couple of months if you have a hige truck and fill up ilke 3 times a week?
But with the corn, I think that if, the federal government decided that we were going to convert to ethanol, tobacco farmers, and other types of farmers would switch to planting corn, and many people would plant corn until we had to much.