Sunday, March 16, 2008

Climate Change reading

Please read this paper for Tuesday.



lauren fields said...

i think this paper really sums up the class. when making environmental decisions, you cant just look at the short cant just look at the nation. and you cant just look at initial costs. the key to successful energy policy is factoring in wise economics and sound common sense. we have to think of ourselves as a part of a system. which means we must consider our position internationally, our state of affairs in the future and the impact short term fixes may have on both. if we can get more people to understand the true value of alternative energy, there is no limit to the success we could achieve.

Anonymous said...

I really like how Toman includes to "address adaptation" in his writing. It seems so obvious to think about this yet is is something I haven't heard a lot about- ex agricultural adaptation in planting new crops that previously would not have grown in an area, but because of the climate change now will thrive. Like we talked about in class, humans are very well at adapting to new environments and it will be something to look for in the future.

-Rachel Bisesi