Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Interesting FishTale

This article is a great read for anyone interested in fisheries management.

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Parker Pritchett said...

I found this article to be exciting, but at the same time, somewhat scary. The idea of co-managed fisheries, in which the fishermen themselves become actively responsible for the health of their own fishery, seems genius. Intuitively, the fishermen should be extremely concerned with the sustainability of their own fishery seeing as it is THEIR livelihood. However the article does drop the disclaimer that, in order for this self-management method to work, trustworthy and up-standing leaders, such as Peter Halmay, are critical. Here is where the idea of co-management scared me. Maybe I am just a little too critical of human-goodness, but I doubt the likelihood of the world being able to produce enough Peter Halmays to make this method work in all, or even most, circumstances. Which, considering the simplicity and brilliance of the idea in theory (and in some actual applications), is a real shame.