Friday, December 11, 2009

More Co-Conspirators

More evidence of the giant conspiracy (SARC). How much more can scientists do to convince the general public?


Colin Elliott said...

Despite there being about a fifty- fifty percent ratio of the general public's belief in global climate change versus disbelief, it is astounding that at the same time somewhere around 99% of scientists are positive that humans have caused the anthropocene. In addition, evidence of C02 emissions in the past 30-50 years shows how the "Great Acceleration" has drastically changed C02 levels in the atmosphere and increased the projectile of climate change. Because the last 30-50 years coincide with the industrial boom, it is difficult to see how so much of the population can still be in denial with such "unequivocal" evidence available.

Caroline Kingsbery said...

Before taking this class, I thought that there was a possibility that global climate change was not actually occuring, but as Colin said the number of scientists who concurr with this hypothesis is astounding. Additionally, environmentalists' social commentary reflects so much truth about our society as a whole that the wastefulness must have some consequences. It is so overwhelmingly true that the environmentalist movement has gained mass appeal. Maybe not at the levels that are required to begin to change things, but the "green" movement is a start. Scientists must remain persistant in order to sway people. More and more actual scientists need to vocal about these issues, as opposed to highering celebrities to speak out as we are a society that values educational authority.

Suong Tran said...

Actually I have never heard of anybody who says that climate change is not human's fault. Maybe because I have grown up in a different and developing country. In where I live, there are only 2 kinds of people, one do not know what climate change is (these people hold almost of the population), and one who really believe that human activity has led to climate change. To tell the truth, my country is now heavily polluted with dirty air and dirty streets full of trash. We live day by day suffering from what we have done to the environment.

The whole scientist community stand up and say that ‘Warming of the climate system is unequivocal’, that is a great action. But I think what's more necessary to do is to let everybody know and recognize their impacts on the environment. And I really hope that this article may appear on massive multimedia (not on this website alone) and climate change problem may someday be taught to high school students.