Sunday, January 13, 2008

People You Should Get To Know

Thursday, in class, I mentioned that I thought it was important for Environmental Economists to have (at least) a decent grasp of the natural and physical science behind much of what we talk about in the social science of environmental economics. So, I thought I would provide you with a list of the people I try to read in order to keep abreast of what the best "scientists" are up to these days.

Dan Schrag at Harvard

Mark Jacobson at Stanford

Dan Kammen at UC

The Energy Group at MIT

Remember, you don't have to read everything and understand everything these folks are working on - but I think its important to try.



MGraham said...

It is interesting to see how many different environmental degrees are out there. You would think that Scientific environmentalists would have a larger impact on the decisions being madein Washington. This weekend on 60 minutes they had a documentary on how this goverment has been censoring the reports scientists on staff have been writing. So not to interfere in their policies.

The economic report given by MIT surprised me when stating that the economy was not going to have the same effect as the 1970's Oil triggered recession, because of a lesser impact unions have on workers. Among other things. The truth is less buying power the masses have that means less money going into businesses and into the economy.

Jonathan Ziemba said...

I agree with mgraham. The scientists are the ones who know the true data and facts. Im shocked about what 60 minutes talked about. I think there should be a scientific environmentalist working very close with the 'policys'. I also wanted to agree with Casey that MIT has the answers to many many problems we have envolving environment